Terms & Conditions


• Each passenger guarantees his spot on tour with a $ 500 USD deposit. This deposit is non-refundable under any circumstance, since this deposit is used to secure the services. In case it is impossible for the passenger to travel, the deposit can be used for another travl package in the future.
• The total payment of each tour should be covered in total at least one (1) month prior to travelling.
• In case the passenger has not paid the total due before the determined date, the tour operator reserves the right to move the deposit  and use it in the passengers next trip, with the possibility for the passenger to cancel his booking in the current trip.


The passengers are not obligated to get travel and medical insurance for the trip, nevertheless, we encourage all our passengers to get it as an additional protection.

Most probably, passengers do have medical insurance in their countries or even as a benefit with their credit cards. It might be enough, but we do recommend the additional coverage provided by the travel insurance, since it might have extra benefits not included in your regular insurance.

Travel insurance is very affordable, you can find options starting from $ 50 USD up to $ 100 USD per person for your whole trip (it varies depending on age, nationality, flight origin and number of days of travel). These insurances might also include coverage due to COVID-19 for the same amounts mentioned here.

You can find information about travel insurance directly in your country; we also recommend this company list that provide travel insurance for anyone around the world, we have used most of them. These are the options as follows:

It is important to make sure that each passenger knows that any of our group tours DO NOT include medical insurance during walking trails, tours outside the bus, as well as any shopping, walking or activities on their free time. We strongly recommend getting the insurance for extra coverage.


Any purchase made with a credit card will have an extra charge of 3.9%. To avoid this, we recommend you make your purchases with a debit card.